Mission 360 / Bay Area Chess

Master Swiss

Nov. 13th , 2022

Congratulations to GM Enrico Sevillano for winning 1st place with a clean 3/3!

Congratulations to experts Andrew Guo and Jeffrey Wang for tying for 2nd place with 2/3!

Thanks to our in-house resident TD Aaron D. and Nicholas W. assisting chief TD Tom L. for another smooth event!

Event has been rated. Rating report can be found here.

Where: 2050 Concourse Dr #42, San Jose, CA 95131

When: 10AM Nov. 13th, 2022

Registration: Fill out the form here.

  • Round Time (approximate): 10AM; 1:30PM; 4:30PM

  • One section. G75 i5

  • Game will be USCF regular rated

  • Supplemental OTB regular rating for the current month will be used. TD has discretion to use online rating or live rating for pairing purposes in extreme cases.

  • Should there be odd number of entries, the last entry (based on payment timestamp) will be put on waitlist until we have even number players.

Entry Fee: $77

  • PayPal (friends and family) or Zelle whui_99@yahoo.com

  • Free to GM/IM or USCF 2200+ (based on current month supplement or post-tournament real-time rating)

  • Free to seniors

  • Financial assistance available for under-represented or under-privileged players. Please contact admin@mission360foru.org.

Prize b/10 entries: $250-$100

Eligibility: Active USCF membership; USCF (current month supplement or real-time post-tournament) >2000


Eric W eric_w@mission360foru.org

Bill G bill@mission360foru.org

FM Kevin Pan kevin@mission360foru.org

FM Eric Li eric@mission360foru.org

Sponsor: Mission 360, Bay Area Chess