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Second Master Swiss successfully wrapped up. Expert Xuli Dai took first place with 2.5/3. Details here.

FM Robert Shlyakhtenko's article, "Mission Now Possible", about Mission360/Bay Area Chess spring NORM events was published in Chess Life Jun issue!

Inaugural Master Swiss on May 22nd. We have an impressive lineup with one IM, two FMs and one NM, and the newly crowned National Elementary K5 Champion! IM Vyom Vidyarthi won first place with 3/3; expert Pranav Sathish got 2nd place with 2.5/3.

Fourth Mission360/Bay Area Chess GM/IM Norm Invitational wrapped up successfully! Congratulations to GM-elect/IM Guillermo Vazquez on his near perfect performance winning first place with 8/9. FM Eric Li took second place with 7/9 while GM Enrico Sevillano took third place with 5/9. Also congratulations to our founder FM Eric Li in achieving his second IM NORM! Check pictures and results. live games available http://www.calchess.org/dgt/Mission360/IM_Norm_04/index.html. Chess.com event link is here.

We'd like to thank Eade Foundation and its president FM Jim Eade, and anonymous donor, Ms. Lin Wang, Mr. Eric Mei, and Ms. Madhuri Nagineni for the generous donation to kick off our NORM events! You help made it possible for us to bring high end event to bay area!

Mission360 Team got Top Club award in 2022 Amateur Team West Championship! Proudly representing our young club are Board 1 FM Eric Li; Board 2 FM Kevin Pan; Board 3 Nathan Zhang; Board 4 WCM Ashley Pang.


We believe everyone, regardless of their backgrounds, should have equal access to opportunities, being it playing chess tournaments, or access to AI training.

We understand this is not happening today for many reasons causing disparity in many different ways.

We envision if there is a way to connect people together, a master chess player from Europe with a kindergartener from California, a research scientist in silicon valley with a high schooler from Mexico, ......, we create opportunities to level the playing ground and we will be one step closer to our vision - everyone should have equal access to opportunities!

Does it sound right to you? If so, explore our website and join us!

Magnus Carlson and Judit Polgar with chess kids. There are kids from all kinds of backgrounds in this picture: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish.... FM Kevin Pan is the third one left to Carlson.

What Do We Do

Eagle Chess Club

Eagle Chess Club serves as our major driving force to promote diversity and inclusion in chess and organize fund-raising events.

  • Organize elite chess tournaments in partnership with Bay Area Chess and Pacific Northwest Chess Club to promote chess and connect players from all kinds of backgrounds.

  • Organize free chess tournaments for under-represented / under-privileged people

  • Host chess training camps year round (financial assistance available for under-privileged group)

  • Sponsor community chess programs

  • Promote National Chess Day via. Chess-in-the-park

  • Upcoming Events: FIDE Hybrid Tournament; Inaugural GM/IM Norm Events. Check our Events page for details


ConnectingU serves as a platform to connect those of you who have specialized skills and share our passion to provide training to those in need. We believe when people from diversified backgrounds connect, great things happen! We have volunteer coaches exceling in the following areas and more:

  • Chess

  • Math

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Bio-informatics

Check ConnectingU page for biographies of our coaches and sign up as a student!

Our Sponsors and Partners

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Mission 360 is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.